Ask A Mistress

This is an interview with the German mistress KAROLINA LEPPERT which I shot in 2014 for the online channel HyperboleTV.

The format is called FRAG EIN KLISCHEE ("Ask a Cliché"). The show's concept is that the viewers can ask any question to a person representing a peer group about which a lot of clichés exist – and then this person tries to answer as seriously as possible.

Mrs. Leppert, by the way, is a sweet lady with distinguished manners and a very dry sense of humor and it was fun working with her.

HyperboleTV won the Grimme Online Award in 2015.


Client: HyperboleTV

Editor in Chief: Alisa Ehlert

Director | DOP | Editing: Phil Glauner

Sound: Niklas Olscha

Music: Benjamin Kahlmeyer

Motion Graphics: Moritz Stumm