Disslike (with Uwe Boll)

Uwe Boll is the world's most hated film director – and he is working hard to keep this status. We shot him for our web TV format DISSLIKE where people read mean tweets or other negative comments about themselves.

When you meet him, Uwe Boll is very relaxed and entertaining, the kind of guy you would go to have a beer with. It's paradox: Uwe Boll is a movie rascal who pretends to give a shit about everyone who hates him and speaks his mind which can be really funny.



Client: HyperboleTV

Editor in Chief: Alisa Ehlert

Director | DOP | Editing: Phil Glauner

Sound: Isabel Hummel

Motion Graphics: Moritz Stumm

Music: Benjamin Kahlmeyer

"If you give a million dollars to Ben Kingsley, then he will even play a fucking little retard vampire! Who hires, is the boss."