Yago, a young man from a city at war, gets lost on his escape from the bombs and enters a desert-like landscape. Here he meets a group of lost soldiers who are stranded in their camp far apart from civilization. Having had the mission to kill the Yenzi tribes – aboriginal people who live in the desert – the soldier punks are now looting and raping for their own purposes and entertainment.

The soldiers’ leader is Maria, a man in his fifties, who controls the members of the group. He offers Yago a car to search for his family. However, Yago, the boy from the city, has to help winning a murderous bet for Maria and is confronted with the face of war and genocide for the first time. Maria is playing with Yago’s hope and desperation and takes him on a dangerous odyssey into the wide of the desert ...


Project Background

CITYBOY is a 25 minute big-scale student science fiction film project directed by Max Philipp. It was produced by the Babelsberg Film University (Germany).

The film has been shot using the bluescreen technique to create a unique look: In postproduction, the real-set elements are combined with digital set extensions, traditional miniatures and digital matte paintings. The movies 300 and SIN CITY have been great references – though we aim for a different aesthetic. With CITYBOY, we are creating a coherent post apocalyptic world, including the characters who live in it – it’s a world where the standards and values of a civil society are completely upside down.

CITYBOY is currently in post production and close to release. Some making-of stuff will be coming shortly.


Cast and Crew:

Director: Philipp Glauner

Production Company: Film University Babelsberg

Cast: Roman Kohnle, Julian Trostorf, Benjamin Kramme, Paul Matzke, Thomas Gumpert, Eric Klotzsch, Yvonne Döring

Narrator: Joachim Kerzel

Screenplay: Philipp Glauner

Producers: Juliane Wothe, Philipp Glauner

Production Assistant: Birte Janata

Post Production Producer: Sönke Kirchhof

Director of Photography: Dylan E. Thompson

Production Design: Josef Schmidt

Costume Design: Lisa Schrimpf

Make-up Artists: Katharina Koeslin, Julia Rinkl, Elena Irsigler

Sound: Karl Hegener, Sebastian Begemann

Concept Design: Martin Bohm, Mario Anger

Editor: Daniel Stephan

Lead Compositor: Philipp Moede

Matte Painting Supervisor: Juan C. García