MAX PHILIPP GLAUNER (*1982 in Freiburg, Germany) is a director, writer, producer, editor and much more – to make it short: a full-blood filmmaker. Having a solid background in graphic design and illustration, his expertise in directing combines the use of Visual Effects with the love of working intensively with actors.

Philipp studied history and media sciences in Berlin while absolving internships in the fields of commercials, music videos and features. He then studied Film Editing at the Babelsberg Film University from 2006 to 2012 where he directed several short films and graduated with FAST AND CHEAP which showed on numerous international film festivals.

He worked as a director and a producer for the co-owned company reallifefilm international and was a founding member of the online platform HyperboleTV which gained the renowned “Grimme Online Award” in 2015.

Philipp is the owner of the The Showreel Bakery and is working on the science fiction short CITYBOY and the script for his debut full length feature film.

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